About us

Paraschos Co. musical wind instruments was founded by George Paraschos in 1980 and has since developed its activities in the repair, manufacture and commercial representation of musical wind instruments.

Since then Paraschos Co. have successfully manufactured a big number of musical instruments and have thus studied and applied new methods for the evolution of sound. Wooden Paraschos products is the latest stage of this ongoing course which started in 1990.

Our manufacturing process depends heavily on computerization and automation, which cover all the basic steps of production in combination with the manual work. The high quality of our products which is also a result of the fact that all members of the company are in addition highly skilled musicians, has already led to the formation of a numerous group of "Paraschos fans" among the world's most prominent musicians.

The commercial department of the company is administrated by Maria Paraschos, George's wife. In addition Paraschos Co. have contributed immensely to archeological research in music with the manufacturing of a full scale, fully operational replica of the "Water Organ", a Greek musical instrument of the 3rt century B.C.